Follower Statistics

Follower Statistics

So it’s another big day for launches over at Linkedin as they launch two new targeting and analytics products which will be of huge interest to those involved in marketing. The new functions being rolled out are aimed at companies who have followers on Linkedin and called ‘Follower Statistics’ and ‘Targeted Updates.’

The Follower Statistics product is basically a dashboard for analytics that will give companies the ability to see how effective and engaging their status updates are performing. Anyone from the digital marketing world will already know how important this is and I have personally lost count the amount of hours personally spent digging around in the data provided by Google Analytics for sites I’ve worked on.

The other launch is the Targeted Updates feature that in a nutshell gives companies the ability to segment the professionals who follow them. They can use a range of options for this such as industry sector, company size, non-company staff, seniority, actual job and geographical location.

With this new feature companies will have the added power to send different and targeted status updates to their followers depending on what group they fit into with the new filters. I’m sure you will agree that this is a big function and will massively overhaul marketing on Linkedin.

In the first instance as Linkedin rolls out the new features they will be limited to a handful of companies such as Dell, Microsoft, AT&T as well as Samsung Mobile. Over the next few months they will receive a wider system roll out so keep your eyes open as we will post here as soon as they are more widely available.

These new products will greatly enhance engagement with a company’s followers and Jonathan Lister, VP of North American Ad Sales said, ‘The value of the [follower] ecosystem is really driving media efficiency, [It’s] giving marketers very precise abilities to target and send messages in a really compelling way.’

Lister was also quoted as saying that 70% of Linkedin members follow companies or most certainly would given the chance. The actual current figure remains undisclosed.

All in all I like these new features and can’t wait to get to play around with them personally.

Photo by Nan Palmero on Flickr. Some rights reserved