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Not got your company a page on Linkedin yet? Shame on you if you haven’t as you are missing out on a great marketing opportunity to get your firms message out there to over 150 million users worldwide.

This is an ideal place to showcase what you do and can be an amazing way of attracting new talent to your organisation. Now the basic company page is free but there are a few additional extras that you can pay for and depending on what you are after, can really boost your presence on Linkedin.

If you are the type of company that is always looking for staff then maybe consider purchasing a silver or gold careers page where you have the ability to feature a lot more additional content about yourselves. Perhaps you want to add some videos or employee achievements? Add that extra information that could just make the difference when it comes to attracting new staff to you.

Some of the options available to you are obviously the careers page we just mentioned as well as an analytics tab where the page admins can get their hands on the insights data about the people who follow your firm.

You also can have an overview tab that will give Linkedin members a quick snapshot of your company network. Another cool option is the products and services tab which can be used to showcase the kind of products and services you offer. This is a great way to put the very best of what you do in front of potential buyers.

Out of the millions of company pages available only a couple of hundred thousand firms have yet taken advantage of this ability. Don’t miss out and get the functionality added today and move ahead of your competitors on Linkedin.

Checkout the marketing options available to you today

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So I thought I’d talk a little bit about some of the marketing options you have available on Linkedin to promote your business or find staff.

Although there are plenty of free options when it comes down to using Linkedin to get your message out there, some do require spending a bit of cash, but hey, sometimes you just need to get that credit card out and speculate to accumulate.

Now let’s take a look at Linkedin Ads to start off with.

This is a great option to get your message across to the 150 million + professionals on Linkedin right now. You have the ability to specifically target your ad by geographical location, company size, industry, job, seniority, age and gender. You can even target specific company names and groups. You have a wealth of options to ensure you get to target exactly the right market for your offering.

Just as with many other platforms, Linkedin operates in a similar way with the option to run either on an auction model or by a bid basis. This runs by either CPC or CPM model.

The actual ad will be displayed either at the top, bottom or right hand side of a members profile or Linkedin home page. You have the ability to use both text and images within the ads being served.

You now have the option to link out to where ever you feel like you will get the best conversion from the ad. Perhaps a sales page on your site, a facebook fan page or maybe to your company page on Linkedin.

It really depends on what you are looking to gain from the ad. Maybe you are just after building brand awareness and want facebook likes or you are looking to convert sales and so will direct people to your actual website.

All in all, Linkedin ads are a very cost effective way to target professional users in business who would be interested in your products or services.

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So it’s another big day for launches over at Linkedin as they launch two new targeting and analytics products which will be of huge interest to those involved in marketing. The new functions being rolled out are aimed at companies who have followers on Linkedin and called ‘Follower Statistics’ and ‘Targeted Updates.’

The Follower Statistics product is basically a dashboard for analytics that will give companies the ability to see how effective and engaging their status updates are performing. Anyone from the digital marketing world will already know how important this is and I have personally lost count the amount of hours personally spent digging around in the data provided by Google Analytics for sites I’ve worked on.

The other launch is the Targeted Updates feature that in a nutshell gives companies the ability to segment the professionals who follow them. They can use a range of options for this such as industry sector, company size, non-company staff, seniority, actual job and geographical location.

With this new feature companies will have the added power to send different and targeted status updates to their followers depending on what group they fit into with the new filters. I’m sure you will agree that this is a big function and will massively overhaul marketing on Linkedin.

In the first instance as Linkedin rolls out the new features they will be limited to a handful of companies such as Dell, Microsoft, AT&T as well as Samsung Mobile. Over the next few months they will receive a wider system roll out so keep your eyes open as we will post here as soon as they are more widely available.

These new products will greatly enhance engagement with a company’s followers and Jonathan Lister, VP of North American Ad Sales said, ‘The value of the [follower] ecosystem is really driving media efficiency, [It’s] giving marketers very precise abilities to target and send messages in a really compelling way.’

Lister was also quoted as saying that 70% of Linkedin members follow companies or most certainly would given the chance. The actual current figure remains undisclosed.

All in all I like these new features and can’t wait to get to play around with them personally.

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As you are well aware, Linkedin has to be just about the most powerful site online when it comes to networking for business. So how exactly can you get the most from this product? Like any tool it is only as good as the person using it.

So let us show you a few simple tricks and tips that will help you drive your Linkedin use up a gear or two.  It’s all about presence, so let’s begin.

1 – Goal Setting: 

So why have you set up a Linkedin profile? You need to think about this as it will be the motivating factor in what you do on the platform. Are you looking to be found? Maybe to get a new job or for business? Maybe you want to find new talent for your own company? Set a goal and work towards it. It can always be changed in the future as your personal or business needs grow.

2 – Picture Perfect: 

They say a picture paints a thousand words and never has a truer saying been so pertinent when it comes to Linkedin. This should simply be a headshot and preferably one where you are smiling. People love smiles. Forget those full body shots as they just don’t help you in business. Keep it as professional looking as you can.

Feel funny about people you don’t know seeing what you look like? Hit settings and make it so as only people you are connected to can see you. Simple.

3 – Headlines: 

You could simply use your job title, but with a little imagination you could really put this function to work for you. Why not have a call to action here too? If you are looking for work your might have something like ‘Highly Experienced <Your Job Title> Looking For Work’

The options are endless and you can update and change it at any time.

4 – Status Updates: 

Well Linkedin is a social media platform and so you should really look to engage with your connections. This is where status updates come into play. Each time you post an update it’s visible to your connections. I like to post interesting articles I find or you could send an update about something important that happened at work. This is a great way to stay in touch and on your connections radar.

5 – Your Summary: 

A summary should really be just about you rather than your company. People want to know about you personally and what it is that you do. Write about your duties at your current company and add in some highlights about major achievements. There is nothing wrong with letting people know you are good at what you do.

6 – Use Sections On Your Profile: 

Let’s say you are looking for a new job, or simply want to register on head hunters radars when they conduct their searches. Well a good way to do this is to add additional sections to your Linkedin profile.

These are extra pieces of information outside of who you work for and education. They can be things like languages spoken or projects you have worked on. I even set one up for public speaking gigs I’ve presented within my industry.

7 – Applications: 

There are now a large amount of applications that you can add on to your Linkedin profile. You might be thinking why bother? But let me tell you now, these can be a powerful marketing tool for you. They are an excellent way to drive engagement and showcase your skills to your connections. They range from Amazons reading list to adding slideshare presentations and integrating with WordPress blogs.

8 – Join Groups: 

There must just be about a group for any conceivable subject on Linkedin now. You are limited to joining just 50 so make sure you choose with care. I tend to join those groups that are related the industry I work in (SEO & Digital Marketing). These can be great places to get advice or help other people out. Social Media is all about engaging and whether you are looking for a new job or business opportunities you should start to engage within groups. Why not even start your very own group?

9 – Network: 

The real strength of your Linkedin network is the 1st degree connections you have. In some cases it is beneficial to connect with just about anyone as you want to really open up your network, but some people prefer to be more private and only link up with people they know. You do get a fair number of spam invites and I do screen people before I accept. Always personalise a message when you invite someone and explain why you want to connect. Don’t be a spam agent yourself as if 5 people say they don’t know you Linkedin will restrict your account.

10 – Skills: 

This is a new feature recently added and allows you to tag yourself with your skill set. This is a great option to highlight your personal skills, areas of interest or what it is your business can offer. Check it out and get yourself fully coded up.

So there you have it, a quick top 10 list of things you can do right now to improve your personal profile and start getting more out of LinkedIn.