Are You A Linkedin Stalker? Hide Your Identity
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Are You A Linkedin Stalker? Hide Your Identity

by Jake on May 14, 2012

As I am sure many of you have seen, especially those with paid Linkedin accounts, on the right hand side of the home screen when you log in is a box showing who has viewed your profile. It shows the number of recent views and if you have a paid account you can click on the link and see who exactly has been taking a look art your profile.

This shows several different types of information depending on the users settings who have been looking at you. It could be just a company or industry that you can see, but often as not you can see the full profile of the person who has been stalking you on Linkedin. As you would expect these are often recruiter’s profiles which is a bit of a surprise, as you would imagine they would want to conceal this.

Now on occasions you will notice the term ‘Anonymous’ come up against who has viewed you. What a lot of people don’t realize is that you can infact go into your settings if you have a premium account and set it so as anyone you look at cannot actually see that you have been sniffing around their profile.

To do this all you need to do is go to the settings page and then navigate to the link for ‘Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile.’

A pop-up appears and all you need to do now is to select the option you require. By default and Linkedin recommends is that you show who you are, but depending on what you use Linkedin for this may not be the best option. For a recruiter or someone sourcing client leads you may wish to remain anonymous. You may not want to say when you call the contact that you saw them on Linkedin as its just another cold call.

If you select ‘totally anonymous’ then the prospective contact will see none of your details, allowing you to not appear as just another Linkedin stalker.

For those in the sales industry this setting is a very important one, as experienced sales professionals will well understand for reasons of their own.

It can be quite interesting seeing who has looked at you and wondering why? I have received countless cold emails or calls where the person has not admitted to looking at my profile but I can see full well that they have. Some have even denied it asking me if I happen to have a profile.

Yes I do is my response, as you know all too well as you looked at me today. Bye is my next response generally.

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